Congratulations, Virginia and Ryan!



Thank you for choosing me as your Buyers' Agent. It's a pleasure to serve 3 generations of your family!



August 24, 2009

To New Home Buyer or Home Seller:

This letter is in high recommendation of Margaret Dorman as a Realtor(R). Her dedication to service and generosity of heart were invaluable to my husband and me during the event of our first home purchase.
I first met Margaret while she was my parents' Realtor(R) when they bought their first home in 1986. My parents had struggled with two different Realtors(R) in finding a home before meeting Margaret. Having two young kids meant my mother had to find a babysitter when going to look at homes, and my parents were on a tight budget. The previous Realtors(R) worked slowly, showing only a few homes at a time, and often ones that were beyond what my parents could afford. After several years of looking and ending up discouraged, my parents found Margaret. Within a few months, and touring as many homes as my parents had seen in the years preceding, they finally found their dream home, within their price range. They are still in that home to this day.
Margaret worked fast, efficiently, and with positive enthusiasm. She has been a lifelong friend to the family since then, as well as having been the Realtor(R) for many members of my family and friends.
This year, my husband and I were ready to buy our first home, and of course I called Margaret. She started by asking us to list our "must haves" and "would likes" in our first home. Just a day later, she found us a list of homes to tour. A week later we were making an offer on a home that surpassed our dreams. A month from when we started we were moving in to our new home.
Her diligence and attention to our needs were immensely helpful, and Margaret kept us well informed about the home buying process. When we felt overwhelmed, impatient, or confused about what step was next, Margaret was always available to answer our questions, and always set our minds at ease with knowledgeable and clear answers.
Margaret's understanding of the realty business is unequaled, and during every step of our home buying experience, we felt safe and secure in her hands. She always listened to us, and respected our pace and style of approach. Margaret was strong and informative about her role as our representative, and she was excellent at coordinating all the transactions between our mortgage broker, the title company, and the seller. Our home buying experience was stress-free and fun due to Margaret's upbeat and enthusiastic attitude.
I recommend Margaret for any homeowner needs, both as a buyer and a seller. Her decades of experience are priceless. Our new life as


Virginia Paterson. RN




David and Beth went from making their offer to getting their keys in about three weeks! It was a VERY smooth transaction.


Congratulations, Dave and Beth!

Dear Bob and Margaret,


David and I wanted to write a letter of thanks for all your help during the purchase of our first home. We had very little experience buying property and we were so happy that we happened to run into you the first day we were house hunting. You were representing the last house we looked at that day. You both stood out from the rest of the agents we met. You were much more personable, warm, and friendly. David and I both felt very confident that you would have our best interests in mind.

We decided that you both would be the best to help us with our first home purchase. You both proved to be such a great help during the entire process. You assisted us with finding houses on the market to show us, you helped us with our offers and counter offers, got us in touch with our mortgage broker and title company, and you were even present during the two hour final closing meeting. Even better, all of this was done while I was living in another state! You were easily reachable by phone, e-mail, and in person throughout the whole process and made sure that we both understood the agreement clearly. We encountered a few minor speed bumps throughout the process and you were our first call for assistance. Your experience and professionalism made the entire process as smooth as it possible could have been-especially for first-time buyers.

 David and I both wanted to thank you again for all of your help. We will definitely refer you to anybody we may come across that is need of fantastic Realtors(R). Of course, you will be our very first phone call when we need your services again.


Elizabeth Unis                                       David Koch


Mr. Mike Lince
Prudential NW Properties
5 Centerpointe Drive, Suite 150
Lake Oswego, OR 97035

Dear Mr. Lince;

I just wanted to drop you a note singing the praise of your agents, Margaret and Bob Dorman.

When I was ready to give up hope of ever finding a home I could afford as a single mother they were doggedly pursuing every listing they could find, working long into the nights and weekends. They took it upon themselves to look outside the immediate area I said I was interested in to find something in a comparable neighborhood that was more affordable. When I was tired of looking and once again being frustrated by what my budget could afford THEY NEVER GAVE UP!!! I received a pep talk with every single communication. They were tenacious in their search for a home for my small family.

All their hard work paid off for us. They found us the perfect home! Not only did they find this perfect home that is worth far more than I paid for it, but they held my hand through the entire buying process. Being totally inexperienced when it came to home buying I trusted them implicitly when they gave advice. I could ask them any question and know without a shadow of a doubt I was getting the truth and the best answer for my situation.

They went beyond what a Realtor(R) does for a client, they made me feel like they were friends, which they are and will be forever! The day I was presented with the keys they made it so special for my family. They gave us the most wonderful celebration complete with gifts for the kids and me tailored to our personalities. Their thoughtfulness brought me to tears. They took digital pictures and we spent a wonderful 2 hours in our very own home. Bob even fixed a problem toilet for me while we celebrated!

On move in day they showed up at the new house with pizzas in hand for all of us exhausted movers.

You can bet that if I ever hear of anyone needing help buying or selling a home I will recommend Bob and Margaret Dorman. They are two exceptionally special people!


Lynn J. Butler


(From H. A. Manning Jr. and Deanna Manning:)

This letter is in regards to the outstanding service provided to my family by Robert Dorman and his wife Margaret as we were searching for our first home.  As individuals, each can meet the demands of the real estate market, but as a team, there did not seem to be any obstacle that would deter them.

From the beginning, he made himself available when and wherever we asked him to be  The promptness of his responses to our inquiries was remarkably professional. When he was unavailable, Margaret was there to either take a message or to help us if she could.

When we finally found the house of our dreams, and could picture ourselves coming home daily to it, Bob did his very best to expedite the closing..  He helped us navigate the twists and turns along the way and built bridges over the obstacles.  Sometimes we felt like giving up, but he would not let us.

He held our hands when it seemed that the house would fall through our fingers. He and Margaret provided us with hope, and helped us to keep our dream alive. Through all the phone calls, sometimes several times a day, they both kept up their smiles. At first, I felt that we were their only customers, but as time drew on, I knew they had to make themselves available to others, but they also made it very clear that they would work their hardest for us.

After a very long trial of Bob and Margaret finding the answers to some tough questions and helping the seller?s agent complete her paperwork, we finally had our house!  The joy and triumph we all felt was overwhelming.

Bob and Margaret are professionals in every way.

On the day of signing, we were met with wide smiles and a basket-full of wonderful goodies to eat while we were moving in. We celebrated our hard work and toasted each other afterwards. Then, when the house finally closed and truly became ours, Bob met me at the front door with brand new keys. We did not have to worry about changing the locks, as this very important little detail was taken care of. The smiles and the hugs will never be forgotten.

Due to their professionalism, I referred Bob and Margaret to a co-worker of mine.  They took on this new challenge with the same fervor that they had with our sale.  And even when we had a few more problems, Bob and Margaret as a team rose to help us out  The impossible dream became ours, and a great many thanks are due to two of the best real estate agents-- Bob and Margaret Dorman.

Bob and Margaret have visited our house since we have moved, and have brought their sunny attitudes with them. They marveled and delighted with the new things we had done to the house.  This alone was a powerful gift. they shared their joy in their job with us, and I will never be able to thank them enough.

Thank you for your expertise, your hope, your smiles, your hugs, thank you for being our real estate agents, ones that we can truly count on and call friends.  Thank you for not giving up, and for solving each problem, no matter how much time or trouble it took.


The Manning Family

HOMEOWNERS  (at last!!)


Margaret & Bob Dorman
5 Centerpointe Dr., #150
Lake Oswego, OR 97035

Dear Margaret & Bob

I am sure a lucky person to have such good friends in you both & Ben & Carol Small whose sister Melinda had bought her home through you at Prudential.  Ben had referred you & you in turn contacted me.

You & Bob were so pleasant in pointing out what you thought needed to be done to help the property sell.  Your availability all along the way helped my mother & me through a very stressful time & made it more pleasant for us.

All of your suggestions were right on the mark.  Your professional way was very inspiring.  We felt that you were always beside us with your cheerful attitude & friendly manner.  Our questions were always answered with upbeat professionalism & very sound advice I now feel like I've known you both for a long time, as friends.

Your understanding & compassion helped us through with what could have been a terrible ordeal for us, but we got through it all for better or worse, (better I think), because you really cared.

Mom & I thank you for being such good friends.


Kitty Renshaw & Betty Aston